5 Features POS installers should know about

19 September 2021 | news

With Halloween and Christmas fast approaching make sure your POS operations are using all that TeamHaven has to offer.

These features have been designed to make rollouts efficient and give you a competitive edge.

Even better, all the tools we mention here are already included in your existing TeamHaven licence.

Topics covered in this blog are:

  • Oversee project completion with Weekly Activities
  • Create and export photo reports
  • Share health and safety, risk assessments and documents
  • Show examples and share planograms
  • Use user profile security locks when outsourcing

If you need a little extra help knowing how to set up and use these features feel free to contact support@teamhaven.com or call +44 (0) 124956105, where we will be able to help point you in the right direction.

Oversee project completion with Weekly Activities

Like the Call Diary, Weekly Activities is the new way to monitor projects.

As well as being able to create, edit and plan jobs in one place, this report also provides you with a daily summary showing the number of calls that have been completed vs. how many are still left to do. See where your installers are working each day on a map and track their progress throughout the day.

Create and export photo reports

Take photos of installations and snags to create Picture Gallery Reports. Use these to oversee and filter through rollouts as well as share with clients. You can also use these reports to download photos into pre-sorted ZIP files for your own records.

Here are some useful tips when creating Picture Galleries.

Create filters:

Decide how you would like the report to be filtered. When creating a Picture Gallery use Hierarchies to select the different ways you would like the report to filter.

This will also be used when exporting Picture Galleries to automatically sort the photos into sub-folders.

Gallery Formatting:

Give some information with each image. Use Gallery Formatting to select the information that you would like to appear with the image.

Share health and safety and risk assessments documents with installers

Share important PDF documents with installers via the Documents section on the TeamHaven Mobile app or via the Document Library on TeamHaven Web.

Click here for information on how to add Documents.

Show examples and share Planograms

Illustrate jobs to installers by sharing display mock-ups and planograms within the questionnaire. The image shown can even be set-up to vary depending on where the job is executed.

Installers can tap the image within the questionnaire to view it in full screen.

  • Step 1: Create an item list of the different displays.
  • Step 2: Create a picture attribute and edit the items to upload the relevant pictures for each type of display.
  • Step 3: Add a new form in the Questionnaire Designer and select ‘grid form under Form Type.
  • Step 4: Go to the Items section of the grid form and under Item List select the list you created from the drop-down.
  • Step 5: Add a read-only picture question in the grid form as well as any other questions you would like answered about the installation. Edit the read-only picture question and under the section ‘Bound to’ select the name of the picture attribute you created in the item list.

To make the images shown vary depending on the store the installer set-up Category Manager in the item list.

Use user profile security locks when outsourcing

When outsourcing parts of a project you likely want to brief and collect information from the installers in a way that means it is consistent with the work that you do. This is both to assure the quality of the operation and allow you to oversee its rollout.

Security Locks:

Only allow partners to see and manage the installers and addresses relevant to the work they are doing.

Located in the user profile under the Security tab, User Locks and Target Locks restricts the users and targets that person sees using attributes.

  • Step 1: Create an attribute field to use in the User Schema and/or Target Schema . For example, “Company name”.
  • Step 2: Edit the relevant users/ targets and populate the new attribute field. To speed this up use Excel to edit multiple users/ targets in one go using a target import or user import .
  • Step 3: Edit the user profile of the person you want to restrict access to. In the section User Lock or Target Lock, use the same attribute value as you gave to the users/targets. Be careful making sure the spelling and spacing is the same.

This user will now only be able to see the installers that match the User Locks and the addresses that match the Target Locks.

Need some advice?

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